Community and Social Questions

1.4.1 “The critic has to educate the public; the artist has to educate the critic.” (Oscar Wilde)

Question 1. What is the best kept secret in your community? Imagine you have been asked to write a review of this secret place, person or thing. Develop a captivating headline and introductory hook to engage your readers. Write a short description which offers some details, but maintain a bit of mystery. End your critique with a creative conclusion.


Question 2. Critique an event which is happening this week at your school or in your community. Before you attend, research the details of the event in order to better build your own arguments and persuade your audience. After you attend the event, submit your research notes and the outline of your arguments.

Question 3. An exemplary critique is …

Submit an example of an effective critique to the class forum. Together with your classmates, determine the five most important criteria for an effective critique.

Question 4. Do critiques reflect social values and trends or do they attempt to influence them? Read several critiques of a Canadian stand-up comic or televised comedy show. Decide whether our nation’s critics reflect or influence our values.

1.4.2 Is what we say more important than how we say it?

Question 1. Choose an essay from the Globe and Mail’s Facts and Arguments section which particularly appeals to you. What is it about the author’s style that makes you want to read on? Develop your answer by choosing the four elements of style best used by the author.

Question 2. An upcoming contest promises to give its winner a round-trip ticket around the world. In order to win this incredible prize, you must present yourself to the world by means of a creative, engaging oral presentation.

Judges will be looking for colourful style and effective delivery (i.e., timing, fluidity and intonation). Share your oral presentation in the forum.

Question 3. Choose three advertisements which have an effect on you. Determine which persuasive and rhetorical devices make each ad effective. Using the same devices, create a media ad of your own for a Canadian product or service.

Question 4. Making a sales pitch to the executives on Dragon’s Den is an art, but what is the key to a successful delivery?

Choose two sales pitches: one successful and one hopeless. Determine the five most important presentation rules for convincing an audience.

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