Communication Theories


1. Using Chaffee and Berger’s seven principles to test a theory provide a critique of one of the following theories: narrative theory, standpoint theory, symbolic interactionism, cultivation theory. Additionally, explain the theory’s historical significance in the context of communication research, main tenets, strengths and weaknesses, and boundaries.(two pages)

2. Discuss the three main elements of a theory. Then apply those elements to two of the organizational communications theories listed below. Make sure that you provide a full description of the theory’s principles and include a critique (using the seven ways to judge a theory) of the theory as part of your answer: (two pages)

(a) Symbolic Interaction-George Herbert Mead 

(b) Expectancy Violation Theory-Judee Burgoon 

(c) Organizational Culture-Pacanowsky and O’Donnell-Trujillo 

(d) Group Think Irving Janis

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