Communication Strategies

In any kind of group for adults it is essential to be sensitive to diversity. How should you be careful in using techniques in groups? What will enable you to work with their concerns in a sensitive way? Revealing personal matters may be extremely difficult for some older people because of their cultural conditioning. How can a group leader respect older group members? How can groups help adults integrate current life changes into an overall developmental perspective? What are examples of groups demands a great deal of patience and competence in dealing with difficult, often involuntary clients? How would you develop programs to help older adults find meaning in their lives and be productive after retirement? Group counselors often encounter obstacles in their attempts to organize and conduct groups for older adults. What are some of the barriers in this population? Groups offer unique advantages for older people who have a great need to be listened to and understood. How do groups therapeutic value for the older person? Why is touching important for aging people? How would you be respectful of diverse cultural norms regarding touch?

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