Communication Relationships


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Read the following instructions carefully and address the tasks described (12 points):

Conduct a literature search and select two articles from PEER REVIEWED JOURNALS that study the effect of relationships on stress and/or health. The articles should study some aspect of a single lifestyle (never married, separated, divorced, or widowed) and a “settled” lifestyle (married or in a long term monogamous relationship, of any orientation). Try to find some information on the health advantages and disadvantages of each type of lifestyle.

  • Read the articles and briefly summarize their key findings in a few sentences.
  • Critically analyze any implications the articles make with regard to either type of lifestyle and stress and/or health. Compare a single lifestyle with a settled lifestyle in light of the research you found. Present your findings with an objective and scientific point of view.
  • Finish with your personal opinion and thoughts on the application of the studies in actual life.

You may use the textbook chapters 11 through 14 (two chapters from last topic and two current chapters) and any additional resources from PEER REVIEWED JOURNALS on PubMed or from the class materials. There is no limit to how many sources you may use in your assignment. Include a list of references cited following APA Style.

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