Communication Plan

For your communications plan, you should use the Fearn-Banks book and the CDC online resource as references to how to write your plan. The context of the plan is that it is a professional work document that you are creating for your department. At a minimum, outline the following:
 Cover page
 Table of contents
 Introduction
 Purpose and objectives
 Crisis inventory and matrix
 List of media outlets
 List of key emergency agencies and local official offices that will be involved
 Crisis communication control center
 Key messages
 Description of how the communications team fits into the incident command structure
 General location of where a media center can be set up and backup locations

Formatting – this is a professional-style report, but should follow general APA formatting for most items. The most significant difference is the cover page and to single-space the text.
Double-space between paragraphs. All citations and references must follow APA guidelines. The header/footer formatting is your preference, except for the page numbers. Put the page numbers in the center of the footer as done with this page.

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