Communication Plan


Wheelies is a small family-owned scooter and bicycle rental business near the large tourist city of San Francisco, California. Wheelies currently has 42 employees, most of whom are San Francisco residents. Currently, Wheelies promotes itself by having their employees hand out 20% discount coupons within a one-mile radius of the store. Employees do this each morning for the three hours that the store is open. Additionally, Wheelies has a Facebook page (though it was last updated two months ago) that offers a two-for-one rental coupon to followers who share the post. The biggest struggle for Wheelies is its competition with other local businesses to attract tourists. The owner of Wheelies has decided to invest in more modern marketing techniques in hopes of establishing a well-known presence in the community and gaining new customers who return to support the business year after year. This will require the owner to better understand the company’s audiences and how best to market to them.

You have been hired by the owner as a consultant, and your job is to create a basic communication plan that provides guidance on how to appropriately collect demographic information, analyze the gathered demographic data from the San Francisco Fact Sheet PDF, and identify ways to reach the target audience so that the owner can move forward with her new marketing campaign.

The full communication plan will be created for your final project in this course. This plan will affect both internal staff and external customers, so it’s important to keep in mind these key elements of the company:

  • Employees
    • Since it is the off-season, the seasonal part-time staff are not currently working at Wheelies. This means a significant portion of the employee base that will be impacted by your communication plan will not be physically present during the plan development.
    • You will be unavailable during most of the busy season when the part-time staff come back to work.
  • Company Goals

Be sure to provide sufficient guidance and rationales in your communication plan that will allow for the plan to speak for itself.


Using the provided scenario and customer data set, begin work on your communication plan for Wheelies in support of your final project submission due in Module Seven. The plan should address the company’s goals to be well-known in the community and to retain new customers year after year.

Specifically, you must address the following rubric criteria:

  1. Review how data and information were collected to provide feedback on how they were collected and suggestions for future improvements:
    • Evaluate if the data and information are accuratecredibleand valid based on how they were collected.
    • Determine if the data and information were collected in accordance with federal laws and regulations.
  2. Analyze the demographic data that Wheelies has already collected on their target audiences:
    • Identify important target audience demographic information that has been collected.

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