Communication Paper

Fake News

2.1 In 2016, deliberately untrue news articles became a cause for concern. What are some examples of fake news articles, and what damage are they believed to have done?

2.2 Do fake news articles have First Amendment protection? Is there, legally speaking, any difference between fake news and satire?

2.3 What are large Internet companies, government and other major institutions doing to lessen or eliminate fake news?

2.4 You be the Reader: What can you do to make sure that the news articles you read are grounded in fact?

This paper will be an analysis based upon your research. Research the four questions as they pertain to your research topic. Divide your paper into six segments:

A. Introduction,

B. Answer to Question 1

C. Answer to Question 2

D. Answer to Question 3

E. Answer to Question 4

F. Conclusion 1500 words citation page


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