Communication Key Ideas

Question 1

What are the major parts of an argumentative research paper? Using one of the resources from the Course Readings, provide an example of an outline for an argument. How is the author communicating key ideas? How does the reader know that the author is credible and is a trustworthy source?

Give us an example of an outline for an argument. How is the author communicating? How credible is he or she?

And consider this: a problem-solving essay (which is what your final projects will be) has a unique outline. You can think of these steps in terms of the problems you deal with in your daily life. Consider the following:

  • First you explain the situation (it’s not a problem until you can prove it is) and prove it really exists
  • Show how that situation is in fact a problem (generally speaking, this is done by showing there are more negative outcomes than positive from this situation)
  • Show the cause(s) of that situation/problem
  • Present solutions that address the cause(s).
  • Defend those solutions

This is more complicated than it might first appear, but again, if you think about the problems you address in your daily life, aren’t these the steps you follow?

Question 2

How the age of the female patient, demographics, race, and lifestyle will drive your exam and plan of care. Give examples and support with evidence-based practice.

APA 1-2 page

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