Communication Experiments

” I like how you articulated how important you feel this skill is in any conversation. I would have liked a little more clarity on how you have used to skill in the past- meaning, in what circumstances have you not been good at using the skill hence practicing using it for these experiments (we want to choose skills we don’t use so we can get better at being more effective communicators). You have seemed to also combine a few of DeVito’s skills here- while social confidence does require the use of immediacy, it is predominately about physical presence (not seeming shaky or nervous, looking at people in the eyes for sustained periods of time and so on). What you describe here is a mix of interaction management- allowing the other person to take turns speaking, as well as immediacy in terms of complimenting. Focus on one skill next time and knock that one out of the park- and make sure you are using a direct quote from each person, yourself and whomever you interact with- don’t summarize or paraphrase.”

Essay Requirements:

Over the course of the semester you will conduct five (5) communication experiments centered on five (5) distinct skills learned from DeVito’s skills handout and from our course lectures.

After each communication experiment, using techniques and ideas discussed in class or in your text, you will write a 2-3 page paper describing the skill, what technique you used and how you used it, your experience during its use, and your thoughts and analysis of the results.

The goal is to experiment with skills that you see room to improve upon rather than choose skills you are already comfortable employing. All experiments must happen in real-time, there should be no examples from your past unless they are to compare/contrast to how you did things differently this time around.

Times New Roman, 12-point, double-spaced, word document, name, class meeting times. APA citation and bibliography for references used (if used) in your paper. While your experiment will be oral in nature, the written portion of your analysis is just as important; therefore, ensure there are no grammatical or syntax errors. Print out your paper and read it out loud to catch anything your eyes miss.

Each paper should do the following:

  • Identify the communication skill with which you experiment and the reason why you are working on it. How have you used it in the past?
  • Define the skill with a lecture/textbook definition.
  • Describe the circumstance in which the skill is used (who, what, where, when).
  • Provide an example of the way in which the skill was used employing at least one direct quotation from each party involved, which should exemplify how you expressed it.
  • Describe the perceived effect of your use of the skill (what happened as a result).
  • Analyze the reason(s) you believe this skill resulted in the effect you noticed.

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