Communication Discussions


Learning Goal: I’m working on a communications discussion question and need a sample draft to help me learn.

Take a look at an advertisement that was banned and/or heavily criticized for being controversial in some way.

What did the critics say about the ad (was is offensive, depicting stereotypes, demeaning, hurtful to children, materialistic, etc). Who was offended (what groups)?

  • What was the company’s/brand’s response to the criticism? How did they handle the situation?
  • Then do research and see if the ad actually did it’s job. Did it increase sales or sell a product/brand? Did the brand’s perception change? Did the brand gain free PR? Was society talking about the ad, creating buzz and awareness?
  • Then question… What is advertising’s lasting impact on society? Did the ad help shape an social norms? Did the ad actually work? Did advertising change society or did society change advertising and what we believe is acceptable?
  • Dig deep. Find credible sources. 

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