Common Patterns of Social Behaviors

• Purpose: The purpose of this assignment is to identify common patterns of social behaviors within a specific social event or setting. Your writing will illustrate your ability to interpret social interactions using the content from Unit 1-4 (Sociology 2e/3e E-book).
• Activity: Conduct a participant observation procedure by observing a group/social event. The event could be a trip to a theme park, or a dinner with family at a restaurant. It could also be attending a religious gathering, hanging out with friends at a coffee shop. ( I LIVE IN ST PETERSBURG FLORIDA).
• First, write a few sentences about the activity itself including what the event was, how long it was, and why you chose it. Next, summarize your observations and describe any behaviors that stand out. Discuss your thoughts on the common social interaction patterns between the individuals. Your writing should illustrate how the observation activity facilitated your understanding of human behaviors.
• What behaviors did you witness? Were these interactions the norm for this type of event? How are these norms learned? How are these norms enforced (positive/negative sanctions?) Did factors like race, age, gender, status, ethnicity affect the interactions or how people were treated? How might the things we discussed in our discussion apply? For example, how might the sociological perspectives as it applies to families or in a more general sense apply to your observation? How has Covid-19 or some other historical/social situation impacted the event?

• 2 full pages paper assignment. APA 7. 12-inch font, double spaced, indented paragraphs.
• Provide details on the event you observed. Include a discussion of when it occurred, how long, and why the event was chosen. So, make sure you include those things.
• Identifies patterns of common social interactions at the event. What behaviors did you observe that seemed “common” or the norm in that situation/event? You want to discuss this in detail. Identify and explain behaviors that are outliers. Did you observe any reactions/behaviors that were not the social norm? If so explain. If not – please explain that you did not observe any outliers and why you don’t think any occurred.
• Support ideas with at least 2 relevant concepts from chapters 1-5 of Introduction to Sociology 2e or 3e E-book. Concepts must come from two different chapters.

• Include an introduction and conclusion. Provide a summary of what you observed and how you felt during the observation. Provide a lot of detail on the norms you observed and any outliers. Create a section applying the course concepts.

• Include in your conclusion a little bit about how the assignment impacted you and what you learned. Write about what else might have happened if done again in the same or different setting.

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