Commitment and Involvement

Question 1

In Chapter 6: The Complexity of Control on page 116 of the textbook. Table 6.1 describes Hirschi’s Social Bond Theory of Delinquency.

Four components of the social bond theory are described in this table:

  • Attachment
  • Commitment
  • Involvement
  • Belief

Thepost must post a minimum 200-word original work, addressing the following questions. Please use your own words and refrain from using outside sources or citing.

1.Using a factitious name, describe a young adult or youth who is:

a.) lacking in these four areas and:

b.) abundant in these four areas.


Lilly, J.R., Cullen, F.T., and Ball, R.A., (2015).Criminological Theory: Context and Consequences (6th Edition) Sage Publications. ISBN 978-1-4522-5816-4.

Question 2

Some laws arguably overlap into morality. For example, laws prohibiting gambling, underage drinking, and prostitution all arguably stem from moral issues. Are these laws effective? Should they even be laws in our society? Or should they just be moral norms?

CRM 350—Reflection Paper Assignment Guidelines Students will create a weekly reflection paper. A reflection paper is a personal reflection and reaction to the chapters you have read or a topic selected by the professor. The paper must be 500-750 words (one to two pages in length) and follow APA format. You are free to state a well-informed personal opinion if based on the readings, personal knowledge, training, or experience. Objectively justify or defend any statements made that are not expressly supported by the text and cite any other resources using the APA style. You must incorporate related information from cited Scholarly Journal or Referenced Articles in your Reflection Paper, in addition to the course text. These papers will be submitted weekly through the Assignment box (Assignment box maybe linked to Turnitin)

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