Commercial Organisation

Question 1

a) In the form of a report to senior management, compare and contrast the concepts of data protection and information security management as they apply to MIS in an Internet based commercial organisation. (15 marks)

b) With reference to relevant examples, describe how you would ensure that policies covering these activities are regularly reviewed and tested. (10 marks)

Question 2

“A company which refuses to engage with its customers using social media will fail within five years.”

a) Using appropriate examples, discuss the extent to which you either agree or disagree with this statement. (13 marks)

b) Write a report to MIS managers explaining how a commercial organisation can enhance its traditional Customer Relationship Management system by developing social media relationships with customers. (12 marks)

Question 3

The following questions need to be discussed.

1. Discuss the Risk Management process using the ISO 31000 model and explain what needs to be done at each step in this process and what should be considered in each step. (25)

2. Using a matrix discuss how this can be used to analyse risk and the different basic techniques that can be used for control. (25)

3. Discuss the main macro factors influencing/affecting Risk Management currently in South Africa. Hint How? (25)

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