Commercial Legal Disputes

Question 1

  1. Prompt 2: Define and provide an example of each of the three major approaches to resolving international business disputes. Is one type of resolution better than another? Why? Discuss at least two reasons why an out-of-court settlement is probably better than an in-court lawsuit when dealing with international, commercial legal disputes.

One page double space APA format

– APA Format is important

Question 2

Identify one foreign example of each a cultural imperative, elective, and exclusive. Explain why international marketers should adhere to these practices when doing business in a foreign entity. Talk to what might be the benefits of acknowledging these practices or how it might be viewed if you did not acknowledge these practices when conducting business in a foreign entity.

Question 3

What are the reasons for sourcing globally, and what options are available to a firm that wishes to engage in global sourcing?

Explain what a “global mind-set” includes and why this may be important for international companies and their managers.

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