Commerce Department

Question 1

The quality of life in specific markets sometimes is impacted by the country’s financial and fiscal policies. As such, the Global Financial Stability Report is a semi-annual report published by the International Capital Markets division of the International Monetary Fund (IMF). The report provides a regular assessment of global financial markets. As such, locate and download the latest report (within the last two years) to give an overview of the most important issues under discussion. Discuss the major emerging global financial issues

Question 2

compose a 5-6 sentence memo to your state’s commerce department evaluating the effects of NAFTA on the economies of the United States, Mexico, and Canada. Keep in mind that evaluation means to weigh both positives and negatives and then decide which side is stronger.

Question 3

Write a paper about trumps tax plan and how it benefits or hurts people

How it effects the US economy and internationally

What the pros and cons of his tax plan are

How we will see the economy change within the next few years with the tax plan

Also whats the differences between the old tax plan and the new area

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