College Students

In Module 9, you experienced some of the culture of the 1960s via music, speeches, and readings.

  1. Answer each question using 3-5 sentences based on the music, speech, or reading. Please organize your answers according to the corresponding “letter” below:
    1. Briefly describe what the college students were protesting against at the University .
    2. Why did the murder and the dead body of Emmett Till spark the Civil Rights Movement?
    3. Discuss one main reason that Martin Luther King, Jr., gave in his speech condemning the Vietnam War. Use King’s speech to support your response. Is the issue still a concern regarding wars America is involved in now?
    4. The transgender uprising in LA preceded the Stonewall Riots by three years. How did the transgender persons’ involvement at both LA and Stonewall create a turning point in gay rights?
  2. Provide APA in-text citations and a reference list for the resources above as you support your answers. Click the link on the Course Menu to access a guide.
  3. Submit your answers by clicking on the Module 9 Assignment Turnitin link.


  • Who Killed Emmett Till? [7:00]. In addition, review The Body of Emmett Till which includes photographs of Till’s body after the murder. Warning: These images are graphic.
    • Murder of 16-year-old Emmett Till in 1955 Mississippi, for whistling at a white female.
  • “Ohio” sung by Neil Young [4:25].
    • A protest song with images related to the campus shooting of four Kent State students during a protest of the Vietnam War.
  •  A Tragedy Widely Forgotten.
    • A university students killed by police ten days after the students were killed in 1970.
  • Martin Luther King, “Why I am Opposed to the War in Vietnam” [22:48].

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