Collecting Qualitative Data

In this assignment, you will be visiting a public venue to observe behaviors that could be used in a qualitative study on the general topic of body language of people in public spaces.


Step 1

  • Review pages 214-227 in 5th Edition of the Creswell text.
  • Visit a public space (mall, bus station, post office, etc.).
    NOTE FROM ME: Please use the GALERIA MALL in Dallas, Texas as the mall that I visited. You can get more information like videos online and click in this link to see one video. Remember to mention that there is an indoor skating in the mall. You can google for DALLAS GALLERIA MALL and find many more videos in YouTube if you need.

Step 2

  • Write field notes on these observations.
    NOTE FROM ME: Notes from the observation must be included and be approximately about 300 words.
  • You may formally structure your notes or just jot down observations as you see them.
  • Some behaviors you may observe are:
  • Distance between people in conversation.
  • Gestures.
  • Eye contact.
  • Physical contact/touching behaviors.

Step 3

Write about 600 word reflective summary of your experience.

  • Include concepts from the book you used in the field in your reflective summary.
  • Address the following items to provide a balanced report of your qualitative data summation.
  • Location(s) of your observations
  • Dates and times of your observations
  • Field notes of your actual observations
  • Reflections on your observations

Paper Specs:

  • Put your name and word count in the upper left corner of the paper (Total # of words for the paper (reflective summary and notes from observation) should be approximately 900 – 1000 words).
  • Format and cite using APA style.

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