Cognitive Skills

Link it to the topic of intelligence
should be 1000 words long, NOT including references or title
written in the first person, and include reflective writing
add other materials, such as images, sound files or video clips that help you to explore and develop your perspective. You should also include references of academic literature that you have read that relates to your reflection.
The style of writing that you will be using is “academic reflective writing”, and, like essay writing it requires: critical evaluation; a clear line of argument; and the use of evidence from the academic literature. But it can also include some personal experiences/perspectives and the articulation of your learning journey. You will need to strike a balance between these two elements. Academic reflective writing
Your submitted blog post can focus on a specific issue that you are interested in, which might have emerged from your reflective thinking, preliminary blogs, notes and any further reading. Your post should explore this topic in an informed way, supporting your line of argument with references. However, this can be written as a ‘learning journey’ and can include specific details of your learning experiences. You can, for example, describe your initial assumptions on a topic, reactions or questions, in the first person, and/or any questions or thoughts that arose from the associated lectures and seminars and any subsequent explorations that this led to. You can reflect on your reading of research-related publications that you have done outside of formal taught classes (this can include research articles from other psychology modules and beyond). Or, you might include reflections on observations, insights and connections made in everyday life in relation to these academic issues, to further deepen and apply your learning. You can write about whatever you have found problematic or infuriating and whether you solved these problems, or what you found interesting, inspiring and engaging – explain why this is. However, this must be articulated with a clear flow of argument, that takes the reader on a journey and shows how your thinking or understanding of an academic issue has progressed.

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