Coding Data and Identifying Themes

In this assignment, you will review data, identify themes, and code data.
Step 1
Read the data below.
• The purpose statement: The purpose of this qualitative research study is to explore how graduate students describe the ultimate vacation.
• The research questions:
o What are the reasons for taking a vacation?
o What do graduate students do on a vacation?
o Where do graduate students go on a vacation?
Step 2
The documents below contain a coding example and ten narrative letters written to friends describing the ultimate vacation. [NOTE FROM ME: BOTH FILES ARE ATTACHED AS PDF DOCUMENT]
Read the coding example and then review the letters to practice coding documents and answer the research questions.
• First, look at the Coding Example
• Code each of the Ten Narrative Letters

Step 3
In a word processor, list the ten letters and themes found in each. See examples below.
• Letter #1 code(s):
• Letter #2 code(s):
• etc.
Step 4
After you list your coding themes, consolidate the coding for each of the ten narrative letters and consolidate your answers to the research questions in Step 1.

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