Code of Ethics

Field Education Journal
NASW Code of Ethics
Respond to the following in your journal for Week 6. Journal entries must total 350 to 700 words.

  1. Read the NASW Code of Ethics.
    • How do these codes guide practices within the social work field?
    • How can these codes be used to develop ethical competencies?
  2. Reflect on your personal experience during the sixth week at your agency.
    • What positive and negative experiences did you have?
    • Describe one example in your field education where you have observed or personally experienced an ethical dilemma with a client. What was the dilemma, and were ethical codes used in the resolution process? If not, which ethical codes may apply to the situation?

Brief story on what I did this week.
I shadowed a social worker and went to some schools to see clients, and clients came to the office. Watching the Social worker and the client interact with each other, seeing the clients trust the social worker. Meet with the client and the doctor to see the assessment of their medication and what’s been working for them. After the visit, enter information into the system. The staff were professional and enjoyed their job and training interns. There haven’t been any negative experiences. There are many roles they have at my agency, educational, job findings, living on there on, and having clients interact with society. One ethical dilemma with a client was how the type of school the client goes to and how they operate things. Seeing the effect, it has on the client and trying to find a middle ground or to find a resource to have a better outcome was challenging. Due to the programs, they have in the school, the client has an issue with how teachers communicate with other kids. Observing the Counselor and the client interaction with the issue I do understand the client and how the counselor tries to make sure all ethical protocol is taken. The challenge was getting the client to let the agency handle it for you and stay focus on school.

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