Closure Activities

Question 1

“Cheung’s Stair-step Chart.” Cheung (1999) provides a dispute resolution “stair-step” chart composed of seven (7) steps.

  • Of the steps in this dispute resolution, which step is the most crucial? Why?

Question 2

“Closure Activities.” Please respond to the following:

  • Consider a recent project in which you were involved (the project can be based on your experience in work settings, school-related efforts, family events, or community service).
  • Prepare a bullet list of the activities that actually happened to close the project.
  • Based upon what you learned in this chapter, prepare a bullet list of activities that should have been part of closing the project.
  • Evaluate the activities that were overlooked and discuss why these activities were omitted.

Question 3

Discussion the following questions.

(1)How would you describe the competitive nature of the home improvement industry? Does either Home Depot or Lowe’s have a discernible competitive advantage? If not, does that mean that neither firm has an advantage?

(2) What is market selection and what are the positive and negative connotations associated with it?

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