Clinical Problems

In Unit 6, you identified a clinical issue related to health care. In this assignment, you will gather sources of information for that issue and assess their credibility and validity. Ultimately, the sources you identify will help determine the proper solution, or solutions, for the issue, which you will do later in the course project.

Keep in mind that there may be times when the sources of information you find may not focus on your exact issue. Rather, they address a similar issues. Therefore, determining if the source should be used for your research is part of the validation process. As you review the sources you find, determine the address the following questions to determine their credibility and validity:

  • What journal published the source?
  • What was the objective of the study or research? What was the study or research trying to accomplish?
  • Who conducted the research? Is the institution or person considered credible in the field?
  • What was the sample size or population used in the research?
  • What was the length of study or research?
  • How was the research was conducted?
  • How was information collected?
  • How was the information turned into something that can be used to conduct further research, or how did the information validate various assumptions?
  • How were the results interpreted?
  • Who developed the data?
  • Who interpreted the data?
  • What were the outcomes of the study or research?
  • How do or could the outcomes produce a better, safer, faster, or more efficient health care setting?

For this assignment, write a paper in which you Include the following:

  • List at least three sources of information, citing them following current APA guidelines.
  • Provide a brief description of each source of information.
  • Answer the questions above for each source you keep.
  • Assess and explain why the sources of information you selected are credible and valid to the issue you identified.

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