Clinical Field Experience A: Professional Development

Collaborate with a certified K-8 elementary education teacher who currently teaches mathematics. With the permission of this mentor teacher (and school administrator, if necessary), attend one or more meetings, trainings, and other events where the teaching of math or math concepts are discussed.

Examples include:

Review and analyze math assessment data with classroom teacher outside of classroom hours.
Attend faculty/district meetings/trainings related to math/STEM
Attend school events related to math/STEM
Attend a math/STEM professional learning community meeting
Attend a grade level/math content area department meeting
In 250-500 words, write a reflection of the meetings/events attended.


Any new ideas or strategies for math instruction you learned.
How the meetings/events support problem-solving or critical thinking to improve student outcomes.
Your overall impression about what professional development meetings/events are offered for faculty at the school to assist them in enhancing math instruction and improving student outcomes.
How you might incorporate what you learned about enhancing math instruction in your future professional practice as an elementary school teacher.

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