Civil Wars

Question 1.
What advances were made, particularly for African Americans, during Reconstruction? What was the political status of African Americans and Mexican Americans after Reconstruction ended? What were some ways the African Americans were prevented from participating in voting in Texas? And how did African Americans and Mexican Americans finally achieve equality in the years between the New Deal and now? Be sure to explain the important civil rights groups active in Texas, the implementation of the Black Codes, Poll Taxes, the White Primary, and important court cases that helped overturn segregation and disfranchisement.

Question 2.
How did the Civil War affect Texas? What issues did Texas face during the years from 1861-1865, both militarily and on the “home front?” What significant battles and campaigns occurred in Texas or the far Western theater that included New Mexico and Arizona? Why did Texas forces launch a campaign into those areas? What issues do Texans face immediately after the war?

Question 3.
Explain why it takes so long to finally defeat the Comanches in Texas. Why are they not defeated until the 1870s? What factors finally enabled the U.S. military to defeat these powerful mounted warriors? Be sure to discuss issues like raiding, the Civil War, the decline of the bison, and new technologies that gave Texans and the U.S. military an advantage over the Comanches.

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