Civil War in Texas

This course will require two essay papers. Each essay should adhere to the following requirements:
500-700 words.
Each essay should support a thesis statement with information gained from research or investigation.
Each essay will not be just a report presenting information, but will be an essay that carefully examines and presents your own historical interpretation of the topic you have chosen and your interpretation of the information you have gathered.
These essays will be submitted via the assignment link in the appropriate lesson. You will be directed to do the essay in the lesson.
You must use three sources to develop your essay, one source should be the textbook, (other sources may include books, journals, Internet, etc).
You must submit
a works cited page listing all the sources from which you gather information to use in the essays.
a title page that includes a title, date, your name and which essay it is.
The second paper will cover the time period of Texas from post revolution to the present. Choose a topic from the following list.
The Civil War in Texas
Grade Rubric:
INTRODUCTION & THESIS: The essay makes a clear and effective statement (the thesis) about the chosen topic. /20
FOCUS AND DEVELOPMENT: Body of the essay focuses on this thesis and develops it fully, recognizing the complexity of issues. /50
SUPPORT AND SYNTHESIS: Uses sufficient and relevant evidence to support the thesis (and primary points), including facts, inferences, and judgments. Quotes, summarizes, and paraphrases accurately and effectively–appropriately introducing and explaining each quote. /50
CONVENTIONS: Uses MLA format correctly; includes a Works Cited list; is free of errors. /15
CORRECTNESS AND STYLE: Shows critical thinking and depth of understanding; uses appropriate tone; shows sophistication in language usage and sentence structure.

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