Civil Rights Bill

  1. The process of incorporating the Bill of Rights provides an engaging way to consider the nature of our civil liberties. The fact that the Framers did not directly require guaranteed freedoms to be included in state constitutions and did not impose the limitations on government intrusion on civil liberties afforded by the Bill of Rights on the states.
    • Why do you think the Framers did not believe the Bill of Rights should limit the scope of government at the state level? Does this suggest that they were comfortable with restrictions on freedoms of speech, religion, and the press, for example, if they were imposed by the states rather than by the national government? Why?
    • Did the Framers believe states would develop guarantees much like those of the national government? Did they believe that the national government would, in time, nationalize the Bill of Rights?
  2. Your post must be at least 250 Words (not including citations)
  3. Your post must include 2 intext citations from the book (not necessarily a quote, but should make reference to the text that supports your comments). Your intext citation should be rendered as follows: (Barbour, pg XX)
  4. Your post should include one Bibliographic Reference at the end of the post. In most instances, the reference can be the book, which is cited as follows:
    Barbour. Am Gov. Long Story Short. Sage

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