China Group Professional Paper

Cultural Professional Presentation about China
NUR 3045 – Group Professional Paper ” focus on the theorist Afaf Meleis”
Application of the Nursing Process to Deliver Culturally Competent Care
1. Include title (do not boldface the title) page, running head, citations and references.
2. References Minimum of six (6) (textbook may be one reference):
a) Article Citations from journals must be within the last 3 years unless it is considered a
sentinel work
b) Citations may include interviews
c) Websites
d) Books
3. Organization of paper follows rubric outline.
4. APA Style, grammar, spelling and syntax.
Organize your paper following this rubric outline. Use these headings and Subheadings:
This is the first few paragraphs of your paper. Do not use a heading with the word
“Introduction,” it is understood and not needed.
Background information on the Selected Population:
1. Identify physiological, environmental, psychosocial factors that influence communication
within members of the group and with persons outside the group.
2. Explain the influence of their beliefs on their health practices.
3. Identify 3-4 barrier factors that influence the provision of culturally competent health
4. Identify at least one ethical dilemma that may occur in the delivery of health care.
Analysis of the Culture using a Culturally Competent Model:
1. Select one cultural assessment model to evaluate your selected Population.
2. Explain the model.
3. Apply this model to your cultural group.
4. Using this model, develop a plan of care at it relates to culturally diverse needs of this
cultural group.
 Include 2-3 highest priority health care needs.
 Use an interdisciplinary approach including community resources, governmental
organizations, not-for-profit organizations, outreach centers, religious
organizations and hospital provided community activities and professional
associations like nursing and health care associations.
 Identify other Health Care Professionals that should be included in your plan
1. Explain your role as a cultural broker for this population; identify two culturally
sensitive /competent strategies to be implemented.
NUR 3045 – Spring 2018
2. Explain why they are appropriate for your selected population.
3. Include strategies to overcome the identified barriers in the
background section.
1. Develop a tool to evaluate the effectiveness of your plan of health care.
2. Place a copy of the tool in your paper.
3. Explain how this tool will be implemented- how the results will be collected.
1. Write a summary of all key points and recommendations in detail.
References: Do not boldface the word References, Follow APA format for all references

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