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Early Childhood Administrators must be innovative when it comes to motivating and training staff. In addition to regularly scheduled staff meetings and in-service sessions, 21st century administrators are using interactive technology to create 15-20-minute professional development presentations that can be completed during a break or at home according to staff preferences. Staff members watch the audio-visual presentation and complete a short written reflection on what they learned from the training, and how they might apply it to their personal and professional work.

For this assignment, you will create a professional presentation that includes both audio and visuals to motivate staff to improve upon their professionalism and practices with children and families. Please review the PowerPoint presentations included in this week’s reading on how to create effective and advanced PowerPoint presentations

Before beginning work on the professional development presentation, go to the Library databases to conduct a search of evidence-based practices used for motivating and training staff in early childhood organizations. You will begin using key words to conduct a basic search. What results did this produce? Now try conducting an advanced search using Boolean operators and other refine search strategies. What results did this produce? You will include a brief explanation of your research strategies on slide 8 of your Power Point presentation.


Please be sure your Audio-Visual Presentation includes the following:

  1. Title slide
  2. Instructions for the staff member completing the training (including the completion of reflection questions).
  3. Introduction that includes your organization’s mission statement that reflects the program’s core values and states the purpose and goals of the training.
  4. An ice breaker activity that celebrates diversity and fosters community building.
  5. 8-10 training content slides (keep in mind that the actual slides will have text that highlights key points rather than large amounts of information and the audio you provide will do the “teaching” or “training”). Be sure the content created reflects application of leadership and management principles to support and evaluate staff members in early childhood settings.
  6. Summary of Training Slide
  7. Five Open-ended Reflection Questions for the staff to complete that shares what they have learned from the training, and how they might apply it to their personal and professional work.
  8. 3-5 references from scholarly sources retrieved from the Library supporting the content covered in the presentation. Below the listed references, please provide a brief explanation of strategies used to refine the search for evidence-based practices for motivating and training staff in early childhood organ

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