Childhood obesity peer-reviewed article and media source

  • Find a scholarly, peer-reviewed article on “Childhood obesity” that is no more than five years old.
  • Find a media source on “Childhood obesity” that is no more than one year old. The media article should be written for the general public.
  • Review both the article and media source and consider their similarities and differences in how they report on the same topic.
  • Explain the process you used for finding the media article.
  • Summarize the media article and its findings.
  • Explain the process you used for finding the peer-reviewed article and how you determined it was peer reviewed.
  • Summarize the peer-reviewed article and its findings.
  • Compare the quality of the information from the peer-reviewed article to the mainstream media article. Note similarities and differences. How is each type of resource unique?
  • Explain the issues with using non-scholarly sources in your research.

Make sure to include an Introduction and a Conclusion in your paper, and follow appropriate APA style and formatting guidelines, including proper citation and referencing.

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