Child Rearing

Answer each prompt using at least 500 words. Assignment 1

  1. Now that you have read about the primary dimensions of diversity, what have you learned about yourself? Of the six dimensions covered in this text (race, ethnicity, age, gender, sexual orientation, and physical and mental challenges), which so far have affected your life the most? What examples can you provide to substantiate your answer? Do you think these may change in importance during your lifetime? Why or why not?
  2. What are the generational issues Julia faces with each employee? What cultural, historic, or societal issues may influence these generational issues? How would these issues affect Julia’s management of the department? (Read “Managing Diverse Generations in a Retail Setting” (pg 115)).
  3. In Norway, since 2008, a public law requires at least 40% of each sex on corporate boards. Make a case for and a case against passing U.S. legislation requiring a quota for women on corporate boards.

Assignment 2

Write an essay (1500-1750 words) that addresses the following topics. Be sure to follow APA writing style conventions.


1. Contact a local ECE program in your area (if you currently work at one, this is fine)or complete some research online for an ECE program of interest. Review or discuss with them how they approach diversity in the classroom. In what ways do they emphasize individualism and collectivism in the classroom practices, policies, and/or procedures or early intervention services?

2. What strategies does the program use to build partnership with minority groups?


1. Page 51 of your text lists child rearing goals that cross cultural lines. Are there other goals you feel are inherent to all child rearing? In an essay format, Discuss and explain with examples. Feel free to consider things that may not have been relative in the past, but with today’s demands becomes something of importance to all parents.

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