Child Development

  1. Read Trawick-Smith chapter 2.

2.Watch videos under Lecture tab.

  1. Prepare a one-page single spaced reaction paper to the NAEYC Code of Ethical Conduct statement found on the link found in the Lecture section. The paper should be a reaction and not just a summary. Address the impact of the code on the profession and on your education. How do you believe this code will support the information you have learned about in chapter one and create a context in the world for making a difference in the lives of children?

Week Two Ch 2: Research and Assessment of Child Development
This chapter examines the roots of child study. It explores historical views of childhood as well as past and present research methods. This understanding creates phenomenal opportunities for engaging with children.

  1. Watch this video on historical perspectives on child development: Child Development (note: you must ‘allow pop-ups from’) This program traces the nature vs. nurture debate, revealing how developmental psychologists study the contributions of both heredity and environment to child development. With Dr. Renee Baillargeon of the University of Illinois and Dr. Judy De Loache of the University of Illinois.
  2. Explore the other sections of Discovering Psychology
  3. Review the NAEYC Code of Ethics link below. Code of Ethics
    The book is in VitalSource Bookshelf
    Jeffrey Trawick-Smith Early Childhood Development A Multicultural Perspective seventh edition

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