Chicano history

You will select one theme, topic or time period in Chicano history to research and then write about. The theme of your paper needs to fall somewhere between 1850s to the present.
The research paper must Describe and analyze, Indian and Spanish civilizations and Mexican contributions in shaping the Chicano experience, especially historical, social and cultural expression.

You must pick one thing to write about that falls between time period 1850 to the present and is about Chicano/a/x of course! After you select a theme or topic that you want to write your paper on you need to come up with a thesis statement. The thesis statement is one sentence and a good place for it is somewhere in the introduction of your paper (I want you to underline the sentence).

Thesis Statement
It is important to develop this because it is like the blueprint for your paper. It must include very specific details of what you are going to write about. It will also serve as a guide to keep you on topic. All thesis statements need to contain:
Who (who are the main people you are writing about?)
What (what are you writing about explained in clear terms)
When (the time period! A lot of people leave this out!)
Where (Locations is super important and be sure to include where things are taking place)
Why or How (cause and effect relationship, this happened due to this etc.)

Steps for selecting a topic/theme
You will explore a theme. The themes you choose and ultimately research and write about needs to be something covered in class, about Chicano/a history and falls roughly somewhere between the years 1850 to the present.
Choose a more general theme then research it
*****Grab at least 2 scholarly articles about your topic from the Library( You must grab your sources from here)
I will send you a message containing the external site and the username and password to access the library.

Again, this assignment is a narrative that must be guided by an overriding thesis. This means you are making an interpretation of an event or time. Your thesis is telling me what you think about your topic and what makes it important.
Your thesis will have a unique perspective and interpretation.

Requirements for the 4-5 page essay
Your thesis needs to be underlined and in the introduction of your essay
2 scholarly articles cited throughout your paper and one other source from your choosing.
4 pages, Times New Roman and 12 point font
Sources cited page!

Scholarly Articles and Other Sources
You will need to gather at least 3 outside sources. One can be from any resources and the other must be 2 scholarly peer-reviewed articles that you find on your own. The scholarly articles must be utilized and quoted throughout your paper.

Examples of themes:
Hispano Mexicanisn
English and U.S. Filibustering
Southerners looking to expand slavery into Northern Mexico
Social banditry
Educational segregation (Mexican Schools and Westminster v Mendez)
Decade of Betrayal
WWII Chicano/a/x heroes
Pachuco era
Operation Wetback

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