Character List

Question 1

Planning Your Narrative

To give your intended audience some idea of what to expect, choose a situation or problem in today’s world that your narrative will discuss. Your problem can be something you’ve observed in your own daily life or in events of your time. Remember that your narrative will teach a moral, or a lesson about this problem you discuss. Complete the chart below to plan for your narrative. Use the excerpts from Everyman that you read to help you with your planning.

Problem/ Situation that you will be moralizing in your tale

Character List: Include the names of the characters, the concept that they are meant to represent, and a general description

In 2-3 sentences explain the lesson you will teach or moralize in your narrative

Now that you have planned out your narrative, use the space below to write your narrative. You will write a 3-5 paragraph Morality narrative about the problem/situation you discussed in your planning. Use Everyman as an example to help you with this step. Be sure to include sensory details and dialogue to enhance your story. Be sure to check for spelling and grammar errors before final submission.

Question 2

The essay should be 2 pages, 11 size, double spaced. no citation required its a made up story. mostly narration is used:-

How have you improved as a writer? How have you improved as a researcher? How have you improved as a student? how will you continue to improve overall?

– Narrative: Write a narrative about 1 moment/hour/event/day that strongly impacted you as a writer/researcher/student this semester? how?

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