Changes in Technology


One day you wake up to realize you have slept for one hundred years. The world has changed drastically, and in multiple ways: scientists and philosophers have discovered that everything that David Hume claimed about our experience of cause and effect and impressions and idea is true, and have adjusted our world (our technology, customs, and behavior) accordingly. How does this affect how people interact with each other and the world around them? How does this affect our ideas of science and laws of physics? Would this affect people’s behavior and our social customs? How?
Feel free to use your imagination in the examples you create but be sure to answer the questions thoroughly and accurately to the philosopher’s views. Papers must be 3-5 pages in length (3 page minimum!), double spaced, with no more than five lines of quotes (cite your quotes!!). As always, be sure to back up all claims you make, and stick to the questions!

Note: Your answers must reflect the relevant issues that we covered regarding in the readings and lectures on Hume (it is not sufficient to study some tertiary information from an internet source alone—-you must read the material I assigned).

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