Change Managers

Question 1

Go back through the business press ( Fortune, The Economist, BusinessWeek, etc. and any other LIRNbased articles) and find at least three articles related to either downsizing, implementation of a new technology, or a merger or acquisition. In a 2-3 page APA formatted paper:

1. What were the key frontline experiences listed in relation to your chosen change?

2. How do they relate to those listed in chapter 4? Did you identify new ones confronting change managers?

3. How would you prioritize these experiences? Do any stand out as “deal breakers”? Why?

4. What new insights into implementing this type of change emerge from this

Question 2

Organizational change can be an anxiety producing process. What are ways that change can be managed to reduce the level of anxiety experienced by organization participants? How can crucial conversation and well written memos to staff make a difference?

Question 3

In the Global Health and National Borders: The Ethics of Foreign Aid in a Time of Financial Crisis report, four theories of justice are presented as they relate to global health. Briefly discuss each theory and assess its individual strengths and weaknesses.

2 pages

use original work

APA Format

2 References

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