Challenges of Sustainable Tourism Development in the Developing World

Assignment description:
Please critically review the article “Tosun, C. (2001). Challenges of sustainable tourism development in the developing world: the case of Turkey. Tourism Management, 22(3):285-299. Please noted that journals are ranked by ABS list with 1 to 4. In general, tourism journals such as Annals of Tourism Research (4), Tourism Management (4), Journal of Tourism Research (4), and Journal of Sustainable Tourism (3) are listed in the ABS (Academic Journal Guide (2018) by Chartered ABS). This article is published in Tourism Management with the highest rank and generated 771 citations. There are no page limits, but the word limits are 1000 maximum words. Please count the word numbers of your assignment and note them at the top of your assignment. The followings are the guidelines for your critical review of this article:

• Identifying the research gap filled by the article: Which research gaps did the article fill? Is it still a gap in the literature?
• Examining the conceptual framework of the article including the literature review, theories on which the article was based, etc.
• Research methods used by the article. Would you have any recommendations for the author(s) to use additional research methods?
• Data analysis techniques are used in the article. Which additional data analyses would be more useful?
• Findings of the article. What are the findings of the article?
• Main conclusions of the article. Summarize the conclusions of the article. What additional conclusion could have been drawn?
• What are the practical implications of the article? What additional practical implications could there be?
• What are the theoretical implications of the article? What additional theoretical implications could there be?
• What are the limitations of the article?
• What are recommendations by the article for future researchers? Do you have additional recommendations for future researchers?
• What is your innovative assessment beyond the dimensions noted under the traits-scale column of the rubric?
• The last question is aimed at challenging you and developing your critical thinking skills at the highest level. Thus, you are required to discover or find further critical dimensions, points, or issues in the scope of this article and explain them. However, not every student has to answer this question which also may distinguish A- and A grade students from B+ students.

You are required to use the above subheadings by underlining and bolding them in the organization and structure of your assignment.
Please click the following link to access the printable (pdf) format of the full article:
Challenges of Sustainable Tourism Development.pdf

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