Center for Economics

Question 1

please write different thank you letters maximum a page for each letter it doesn’t need to be much written just Being thankful for giving the class the opportunity for meeting them and that they have taken time of their own to visit Our race class and gender criminal justice class. Google these people and it’ll show some background info of what they do if you find any info if not just a personal thank you letter being grateful for meeting them.

1. Ruth hassel Thompson ( senator )

2. Rodney young (parole officer)

3. Michael turek

4. Kherson benson

5. Captain Buffox

6. Bianca (was diagnosed with cancer and went through quimo therapy which she has recently taken her last one very strong woman a warrior)

Question 2

1)Using Annual Editions article entitled “To Make Immigration More Fair and More Just” by Barack Obama, describe the various components of the immigration issue, describe the immigration bill that the Senate passed but the house did not vote on, Obama’s immigration policy that was in place at the time that the article was written, and present the arguments for and against a path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants. Where do you stand regarding undocumented immigrants? What do you believe should be done regarding the situation? 4-5 paragraphs include references

2)Using Annual Editions, the article entitled “Re-evaluating the “Culture of Poverty” by Stephen Suh and Kia Heise, explain the culture of poverty thesis, present the arguments against the culture of poverty thesis and be able to explain poverty or at least present the major theories that try to explain the causes of poverty. Why is it so difficult for teenagers to get ahead and what norms and conditions do you think could be changed to give poor teenagers a better chance to get ahead? Explain your choices. 4-5 paragraphs..include references

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