Cell Biology

Objective: Identify local research labs that are studying cell biology related
questions. Identify a local research group that studies something that interests you
and that we have briefly covered in our course. Learn a little more about their
research interests and the major areas of investigation local labs.
1. Choose 3 labs from the “Greater SF Bay Area” that study a cell biology topic
that we have discussed in class and that you are interested in learning more
about. (UCSF, Stanford, UC Berkeley, UC Santa Cruz or UC Davis)
2. For each of your chosen research labs, prepare a brief summary of their
research and how it connects to a topic discussed in BIOL350. Please address
the questions below in your summary for each laboratory.
a. What does the lab study?
b. Why does this topic interest you?
c. What model organism or biological system does their lab use to study
their chosen topic? (ex: yeast, cell culture, mouse, rat, etc)
d. What new information did you learn from reading about their
research on their website, reviewing their publications, or reading
about their department?
e. If you were to meet a researcher from this lab, what would you ask
them about their research?

How to identify labs of interest:
• First, identify cell biology topics that you are interested in learning more
about from class.
• Information can be found from lab websites, departmental websites, research
publications and/or other online resources.

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