Cause Advocacy Strategy

Developing a case to cause advocacy strategy (8-10 pages excluding references) 

I. Describe the scope of the social problem/rights-based issue (2 pages)

● Include relevant data to document impact, prevalence, context, missingness of data.

II. Framework for rights-based policy analysis (2 Pages)

Identify human rights that are affected by this issue.

What federal, state, and/or local laws and regulations relate to your case à cause policy issue? 

What international human rights instruments relate to your policy issue (suggestions: International Conventions and Treaties; emerging social movements)?

III. Strategic action plan (3 pages) 

Include the following:

Who are the key stakeholders?

● Who needs to be involved in action planning efforts to maximize change efforts (i.e., programs, practices, and policies)? 

● Who is accountable and has ownership of responsibility for facilitating change?

● What is the role of local people as agents for or champions of community change and improvement?

● What roles can social workers assume in the action plan you developed?

IV. Recommendations (1-2 Pages)

● Is there public awareness that these rights exist in your country/state/community? 

● What are “best practices” to assure access to resources/ rights protection? 

● Suggested Recommendations (clear, concise, workable): 

● How can public and private systems of social care collaborate in the future? 

● How can advocates and professional social workers increase public awareness? 

V. Conclusion (1 Page) Summarize the important points.

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