Case Study: Miriam Rosen

Today you are meeting with Miriam Rosen (she, her, hers), a 16-year-old girl, and her parents, Joel and Sarah. Miriam is 5′ 6″ and 97 pounds. She is well-dressed and well-groomed, but her hair is thinning; she is skinny (somewhat gaunt); and she has poor dentation. Meet Miriam and her parents (5:39 minutes) (Links to an external site.) (Miriam transcript (Links to an external site.)).


Double-spaced paper in APA 7th , Include at least two peer-reviewed, evidence-based references no older than2018, Review Turnitin and Grammarly

  1. Identify what interview questions you would have used to determine the underlying eating disorder, self-mutilation, and rape.
  2. Using the interpersonal therapy model, identify three specific goals for Miriam’s treatment, and in which phase each goal should be accomplished.
  3. Sarah, Miriam’s mother, asks why you are choosing interpersonal therapy and how it will be beneficial for Miriam. How do you respond? Compare and contrast it with humanistic-existential or solution-focused psychotherapy.
  4. What are the legal and ethical implications for you relative to a patient reporting a sexual assault? What is the best way for you to proceed? Reference your state of practice’s laws.

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