Case Study

Nurse Mary Jones is a seasoned ICU nurse and a member of the ICU quality committee. Several new nurses have joined the staff in the last six months, and Nurse Mary Jones would like to involve the new staff with the activities of the quality committee. At this time, all quality benchmarks for core measures, hospital-acquired infections (MRSA), and medication errors are exemplary.
Nurse Jones recently was introduced to the QSEN Safety Competencies. These are listed in Appendix B in your Sherwood and Barnsteiner text.

Nurse Jones would like to develop a plan to involve the new and seasoned staff nurses with implementation and ongoing review of QSEN safety competencies in the ICU.

How would you advise Mary to develop a team plan for this venture? Specifically:

What are four safety elements to be initially included? Why?
What is the time frame? Explain your rationale.
Explain the process of evaluation once the plan is in place.
Does your proposal have sustainability, meaning should staffing change and will the plan to maintain and evaluate safety competencies on the unit be able to continue?
I will include more information under assignment files.
Website: National Database of Nursing Quality Indicators (NDNQI)

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