Case Issues and Analysis

Students will prepare a ONE page (single sided) analysis of the case that includes the case issues, analysis, and recommendations.
DO NOT plagiarize from the case. You should not be copying or paraphrasing from the case.
Issues: ( The issues must came from the cases!!!!!)

Start each case submission by identifying which issues you plan on tackling in your case analysis. Often the major issues of the case are explicitly stated at the beginning or end of the case. ì Select 3– 4 issues to focus on. ì The issues should be marketing focused (see the list will be posted). Phrase each issue in the form of a question that needs to be answered.

Make sure the issues is phrased as a question. 
Make sure the issues are marketing focused.

Please DO NOT simply regurgitate the facts of the cases.
Organization your analysis around each issue.
Support your points with evidence from the case
While generic analysis, such as SWOT and environmental analysis, can be useful, given the space constraints you needs to focus strictly on the issues. 

The final part of each submission will be the recommendations section.
Here is where you “answer” the questions you posited in the issues section! 
Your recommendations should resolve the issues and should make sense given your analysis.
Its should all flow and fit together. 
Be specific in your recommendations. It should be clear what the protagonist should do.

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