Case Analysis Intervention Report

Main go to website to understand the social work in Australia is Australian Association of Social Workers (AASW) code of ethics, highly recommended to quote wherever appropriate.
2500 words exclusive of references

Out of all options, one needs to be done.

References mainly from the course reading list (attached)
A choice of four scenarios will be offered to students from which they are to choose one to analyse. This analysis will be conducted with one or two compatible theories and related practice perspectives in mind. You will need to explain how your chosen approach/es is/are relevant to the scenario.

You are also expected to reflect on your use of self and discuss/analyse the influence of both personal and professional values and preferences on your articulated framework for practice. Report approximately 2500 words.

Potential format for your assignment
1. Introduction and overview
2. Profile of main character/s
3. Identification of mode of practice to be applied to chosen scenario
4. Theoretical ideas/approach/frameworks
5. Main issues/problems to work on
6. Engagement/motivation and/or working alliance building strategies
7. Resources available and required for future interventions
8. Strengths and (potential) barriers to wellbeing
9. Challenges and opportunities to addressing/resolving the problem/s
10. Possible future directions for the work
11. Conclusion/Summary
12. References (20 at least)

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