Case Analysis in an Organization

This outline if for both the individual and the team case write-up. The team case analysis score is the same for all team members

  1. Major Problem or Issues
    This section of the report states the major problems or issues faced by the organization over the next 5-10 years. A problem is something that stands in the way of achieving objectives and an issue is a situation that the organization must deal with to fulfill its vision/mission and accomplish its objectives.
  2. Analysis
    This section of the report details the analysis related to the major problems and/or issues identified in 1 above. The thorough analysis of the company’s situation will lead to viable alternatives to solve the problem or deal with the issues. Analysis for single line of business organizations:
    A. Organizational vision/mission, objectives, current strategy
    B. SWOT analysis
    C. Competitive Analysis
    D. Financial Analysis
    E. Implementation Issues/Problems
    F. Evaluation/Control Procedures
    What are the strategic implications of the above analysis?

Analysis for multi-line of business organizations:
A. Portfolio analysis
B. Resource allocation/restructuring needs
What are the strategic implications of the multi-line of business analysis?

  1. Alternative Solutions to Problems/Issues
    This section of the report identifies 3 or more viable alternatives the company could pursue to solve the problem or address the issues. Do nothing is not normally an alternative.
    A. List of 3 or More
    B. Pros and Cons of Each Alternative
  2. Recommended Course of Action\Justification
    The section of the report details the chosen alternative and why this alternative is better than the other listed in 3 above.
  3. Implementation Plan
    This section of the report spells out “Who will do What, When, and With what Resources”. A good strategy that is not well implemented will produce less than satisfactory results.

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