Case Analysis 3: Neiman Marcus

Please read the case: Customer Focus at Neiman Marcus: “We Report to the Client” and complete the case analysis.

Question to be addressed in your case analysis:
Neiman Marcus filed for bankruptcy on May 7, 2020. This case study provides background
information about Neiman Marcus from its opening in 1907 to 2006 when the case was written.
Use the information in the case, along with the information you gather through external sources,
answer the following question: If you were the CEO or CMO of Neiman Marcus, what would you do to help the company move forward?

Please consider the primary target market (on page 5) and note that the primary target market
drove 90% of the sales revenue (on page 7).
• Please consider the competitive customer advantage (i.e., marketing mix) – price, location, service, and merchandise (on page 7).
• Please consider the external environments (PEST) and competition.

Please make sure to review the grading guidelines and rubric prior to working on this case
analysis. Please include the following in your case analysis.

  1. Cover page
  2. Summary of key marketing strategy issues.
  3. Evaluation of key issues
  4. Propose and justify your own solutions
  5. Recommendations
  6. References
  7. Please apply marketing concepts or theories introduced in this course and you find from
    external sources.

Case write-ups should be at least 5 pages not including cover page and reference page, double
spaced, font size 12 in Times New Roman. Please submit it in MS Word format

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