Caring in Nursing

Part I:

Describe what caring means to you in your own words. Describe a nursing action of when you showed a caring moment with one of your patients. Is caring only about how you feel, or is there something else that this involves?
Use book professional nursing practice 7th edition as source and reference.

Part II:

Watch this video:

Gladys Wilson and Naomi Feil Describe the feelings evoked within you when first watched this video. Are there aspects of the video that reminds you of a previous clinical experience? Please share that experience with your classmates. SEE youbtube video.

This week takes us into the world of knowledge development in nursing which has a foundation in nursing theory. So, just who are these theorists and how did they contribute to the profession? Our school of nursing is founded on the principles of the caring science. This chapter discusses a number of caring theorists and even compares the caring models and theories in the book Professional nursing practice, in Table 6-2, p. 110.( please use this reference) One of the primary contributors to the caring models and theories, is Jean Watson. Plan to pay special attention to her 10 caring factors and caritas found on p. 111, Table 6-3. These theorists is the foundation to your writing assignment.

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