Card Counting

The movie 21 is about a group of MIT students who “count cards” to improve their probability of winning at Blackjack in casinos. Have you ever wondered what card counting is and if it is legal?

Card Counting is not illegal. You cannot get arrested for counting cards in a casino, however the casino (if they suspect you are a card counter) may ask you nicely to leave… Card Counting is the act of keeping track of the Deck Composition of yet-to-be-played cards by keeping track of the ratio of low cards (2-7) to high value cards (Aces and 10s) that have already been played.3

To complete the Discussion activity, please do the following:

Answer each question fully. Use a minimum of 250 words for a complete discussion post.

Do you think card counting is cheating or simply utilizing one’s brain?
Should casinos be able to ban suspected card counters? Why or why not?
Explain your reasoning fully and provide an outside resource supporting this reasoning. Outside resources are considered anything outside of your textbook. An Internet search, for example, will provide numerous online resources for you to review on the topic of card counting. In your post, you could provide the link to a site that supports your reasoning

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