Capital Raising Method

Use Oxford style of referencing to solve the paper and length of assignment paper is 4500 words. Please read below and do a perfect work
Section I (15%)
Stock exchanges are an integral part of all major economies. It provides avenues to raise funds for corporations and investors to invest. Stocks exchanges in different countries have different rules and regulations.
You are required to prepare a report on the stock exchange(s) in your country, guided by the following:
(a) A brief history of the stock exchange(s);
(b) The different boards in each of the stock exchange;
(c) Describe the difference between the boards (eg. types of companies listed on each of the boards);
(d) In a table, set out the quantitative and qualitative criteria for companies to list on the each of the boards; and
(e) Any other interesting information on the stock exchanges.
If a stock exchange does not exist in your country, do the assignment based on the stock exchange in United Kingdom.
(Word count: 2,000 words)
Section II (15%)
1. Select any one of the topics below related to raising capital for a business venture:
(i) Venture Capital; or
(ii) Micro-finance; or
(iii) Crowd-funding
2. Prepare a report on the capital raising method selected based on the following structure:
(a). Explain the mechanism for raising capital through the chosen technique;
(b). Describe the development of the capital raising method in your country; and
(c). Explain three advantages and three disadvantages of using the capital raising method.
(Word count: 2,500 words)

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