Cancer Registry Plan

Overview: You are really making progress on evaluating the implementation of the EHR and your staff has also made a good effort on complying with your new policies. Now, of course, something else has been put on your plate: setting up a cancer registry at Mercy Vale, using the EHR.

Prompt: Write a short paper outlining a plan for setting up the cancer registry. You will determine the needs of the cancer registry and recommend relevant approaches to ensure compliance. Support your decisions, when appropriate, with citations from relevant resources.

Here are the steps you need to take:

1. Determine how to proceed on identifying cases for the registry.

 2. Determine what data you will report.

 3. Determine how you will meet the CDC’s program standards for cancer registries.

 4. Determine how you will ensure compliance with all relevant laws and regulations, including meaningful use.

 5. Assess what interoperability and information exchange issues must be addressed.

 6. Using all the information from the five steps above, create a plan for setting up the Mercy Vale cancer registry.

Guidelines for Submission: Your paper should be 1 page (not including references) Microsoft Word document with double spacing, Times New Roman font, one-inch margins, and APA-formatted citations for all sources used.

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