Business White Paper

 The ultimate decision on the topic related to outcome 2 and how it will be delivered in a professionally formatted business white paper rests with you. You should identify a classical or contemporary topic related to processes and procedures to build and prepare for publishing a white paper for this deliverable.

Create a 3-page business white paper on the analysis of organizational processes and procedures, including a title page, reference pages, depictions (flow charts, matrices, graphs, images, etc.), images, infographics, etc.
 Use a minimum of three viable research resources in the business white paper on business process and procedures.
 You may choose formats that inform, persuade, or to argue a point to your audience. Understanding your audience is a key element of any kind of publication, and it’s important that you fully address this topic by conducting research and formulating an understanding of your target audience.
 Consider reviewing different resources to determine the best format for your business white paper. Inquire with your instructor for help in finding viable white paper examples.
 Develop the business white paper using expository writing style.

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